A Contract Research Organization controversy has arisen between certain doctors from organizations and committees or certain pharmacists and scientists or other hospital doctors.

Several reproaches are addressed to Professor Didier Raoult as what the IHU would not have conducted comparative trial or randomized “Contract Research Organization”.

Professor Raoult responded to all these reproaches, calmly, with clarity, science and truth.

Let’s come to randomized clinical trials , generally “  double-blind  ”, that is to say that we should not know who is taking what.

You can already imagine the possible biases between the infirmary or the central pharmacy of the hospital and the doctors/nurses in the batches prepared for the trial… There is also the choice of patients, theoretically informed, their distribution into two equivalent groups. Not even the level of uncertainty about the Contract Research Organization condition of the sick and the causes of death.



Of course, when the result is contrary, either we do not publish or we stop the Contract Research Organization on fallacious grounds. So ! I don’t “spit in the soup”, of course the pharmaceutical industry worked well, but, in my opinion, only until the 90s, before the financiers decided everything.

Medicines save lives every day or allow a better, more comfortable and healthier old life, we agree, BUT this mode of randomized trials needs to be completely reviewed.

By PiNaKIn

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