Music NFTs allow artists and producers to create limited editions of rare tracks and releases. Unlike traditional formats, NFTs cannot be illegally copied or duplicated.

Each Music NFTs can be a digital representation of a song or release, in addition, music NFTs can contain some kind of bonus, in the form of tickets to concerts or ownership of rare goods.

In addition, NFTs allow artists to interact with the audience. So, fans can show their musician or band by buying their rarest releases.

The first big stars to launch their NFTs were Steve Aoki, Kings of Leon, Tory Lanez, 3LAU, Dillon Francis, Katy Perry and Deadmau5. However, the NFT trend continues to evolve and are in full swing throughout the music industry.



How to create a music NFTs :

Now let’s see exactly how to create a musical NFT. The process of creating an NFT is called “minting”. For example, we will use the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the backbone of blockchain and Web3 development work and hosts many of the most famous NFT marketplaces. Thus, we determined the choice of our example.

We will create an NFT using an audio file. You can also include illustrations, visual effects, and many other advanced features. Once we have our original piece of music ready, we will also need something called an “Ethereum wallet”. A crypto wallet is what we use to store our cryptocurrency and send it to other wallets.

To do this, we tell the Ethereum network in our crypto wallet that we want to send some amount of ETH to another wallet address. After we have entered the recipient of our ETH, we sign the transaction to confirm our actions in the wallet.

The most popular marketplace for buying, selling and creating NFTs is Open Sea. To interact with the Open Sea NFT market, you will need a Web3 wallet and some ETH. In this example, we will use the Meta Mask wallet. Meta Mask is the most widely used Ethereum wallet and is ideal for interfacing with NFT marketplaces such as Open Sea.

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