Have you thought of a menu for Valentine’s Day yet? I have good news for you – a new recipe “Three in One”. Here you have a good cake and an idea on how to dress up any cake in a festive theme, and you can also implement this decor in other shapes and colors. 

I know someone is watching right now and thinking – well, how complicated everything looks. Don’t worry, I’ve thought of everything so that the chance of a miss is minimal. 

We make hearts from plastic chocolate, there are only three ingredients and nothing can be spoiled, we cut them out with cutouts, so you get exactly hearts, and if you are still with spray guns and airbrushes on “YOU”, you can take a ready-made balloon with red chocolate velor

Everything is simple. But, you can’t even imagine what pleasure you will get when you focus on laying out heart-petals,

Inside are tastes that hardly anyone can refuse. The cake is very clear, bright and amazing. At the base we have a juicy, airy citrus biscuit, its sourness and aroma will be felt throughout the cake. The biscuit is plump, but compensates for this with its tenderness.

 Next is the yoghurt filling. Neutral or Greek – you decide. But, the taste will be so tangible and realistic that guests will roll their eyes with happiness. All this against the background of the most delicate, creamy texture. In the final – mousse on red berries. 

I have a mix of strawberries, raspberries and red currants. Each berry is unique, and the correct proportions will not let any of them get lost. We do not even need to tint the mousse, the color will be rich, natural and appetizing. But, what a synergy of tastes awaits you, the special sourness and sweetness of each berry will make the dessert voluminous.

As a result, it will seem to you that you are eating the most tender and delicious yogurt in your life with red berries. The combination is familiar, but surprising. You will remember this dessert for a long time and definitely decide to repeat it again, fortunately, the recipes are simple and quick. Well, if you look strategically – such a dessert guarantees you the lifelong loyalty of your half … and ask what you want, they will not be able to refuse you …

We will continue to deal with you in ” Modern Desserts “. If you are a beginner, try to read all the steps carefully (in advance) and follow them exactly. I will indicate all possible substitutions of ingredients during the manufacture of the dessert and in the “Note to the hostess” block. The rest is up to you.

Thanks to the baking powder, the sponge cake rises very well, besides, it is very tender, airy and will have a strong lemon flavor and aroma, especially if you find a good lemon. Please note that we bake it in a larger ring so that we can cut it out later. This will make the cut even prettier and neater, plus we will get rid of the sides, which can dry out a little in the oven.

By the way, you can squeeze the juice of a lemon and put it in the freezer, then it will definitely come in handy and will always be at hand!

It is ideal to do everything in two measuring cups per 1 liter . In one, combine proteins (30 g) and sugar (35 g). In the second – yolks (25 g), sugar (20 g), vegetable oil (20 g), milk (35 g), lemon zest, baking powder (2 g) and flour (55 g).

First, with a mixer, beat the whites with sugar to soft peaks, and then to a good splendor, the mass in the second glass.

Combine both masses with a silicone spatula with gentle movements.

Place a silicone mat on a baking sheet (or wrap the ring in foil), set the metal ring to 18cm and pour in the batter.

Bake at 160 degrees (top-bottom) until done. Let the cake cool under a towel or immediately put it in the freezer.

Yogurt cream

  • Ewald sheet gelatin – 1.5 g
  • Cream 33% – 100 g
  • White chocolate – 140 g
  • Neutral yogurt – 130 g

This is a very delicate and bright layer that everyone will like. I recommend using reduced sugar white chocolate to achieve a more subtle sweetness and get rid of the cloying taste of regular white chocolate. The Callebaut brand has two of these: Velvet and Zephyr . The second is considered a delicacy in terms of taste.

Soak Ewald sheet gelatin (1.5 g) in ice water. For beginners, there is material on how to use gelatin .

In the meantime, put white chocolate (140 g) into a 1 liter meas

ring cup , and pour heavy cream (100 g) into a saucepan and place on the stove.

When the cream boils, pour it over the white chocolate.

Add squeezed gelatin.

Mix well. At this point, the glass will be barely warm, now it will be possible to add yogurt (130 g).

Take the biscuit out of the ring.

Cut a blank out of it with a 16 cm metal ring . Prepare a 130 µm thick acetate film .

Gently insert it between the cake and the wall of the ring.

Pour yogurt cream over the cake.

Place in the freezer until the filling is frozen.

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